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Read My Cards – Episode 2

Well, I had one caller get through and had a really nice chat with her ~ but then again with the technical issues! I could see three other callers, however the system wouldn’t hang up the previous call, the music sounded wobbly and the outro wouldn’t play.

So then I go to schedule the next episode, get halfway through and the systems logs me out. I try to log back in, and it brings me back to the login screen. I try to log into Facebook – no dice. As of right now, I can’t log into either one and I’m surprised I was able to log in here to post this. I need a drink.

Here’s the edited version of tonight’s episode, which is the one call I was able to take – edited to add the outro. (Runs approx 13 minutes) I’m going to need SOMEONE to give me a tutorial on this thing! Pray for me, I’m going to bed!



With all of that said, I believe that whoever needs to get through, will get through! See you in two weeks on June 2, 2012 for another episode of Read My Cards! In the meantime I’ll be running practice shows to see if I can get this thing working right. Thanks for being so patient with me. Be blessed!

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