The Real Battle Is In Your Mind

music headThe more self-development work I do , the more sensitive I’ve become toward what people say. Maybe it’s their tone of voice or the way they word their phrases, but some things have started to really sit with me wrong.

About 10 years ago, after I first started reading Prosperity authors like Louise Hay and Catherine Ponder – I stopped listening to the radio. At the time, I also stopped watching live TV. It was too many different messages being broadcast over these airwaves, so I had pretty tight rules over what I allowed my children to watch, as well as what I was going to allow into my own brainspace. We relied on a ton of movies and DVDs from Netflix, plus computer learning games to keep up involved and entertained. Sure the kids would sneak and watch nonsense, but the dominant thought atmosphere in the house was positive and life affirming.

However, once the kids got to middle school and started finding themselves, they started to choose what music they naturally inclined towards. My son loves hip hop and my daughter is a hippie. I actually love it because I’m a music fan and love all kinds of music ~ but I’m a Rock and Roller at heart ;)

Much of the music today is over sexualized, violent, angry, misogynist and hateful. Most commercial music today promotes competition instead of cooperation. To court HATERS instead of LOVERS; and to be as cold-hearted as possible when trying to get that cash. Not saying that 80s kids didn’t have their share of these same themes running through our music, we did. But what we didn’t have was the accompanying porno style music video to go along with it.

When you lock yourself up in the world of music, as I did for so long you can find yourself actually courting the feelings and experiences that you’re wanting to get away from! If you’re lonely, don’t sit and sing a lonely ass song about how pathetic you are. You have to change your emotional state into one of loving or at the very least neutral. If you’re angry, same applies. Why continue to raise up that negative energy within yourself if you say you want a peaceful, loving and fulfilled life?

Once you start down this self-development path, there’s no turning back. Now you can stop moving forward, if you choose; but you can’t unlearn what you’ve learned.  And I know this much, if you’re attracted to my work, then you are spiritually mature enough to understand that you have a unique power to realize your goals. The more spiritually aware you become, the faster things manifest in your life. It’s like revved up 25-50% faster. The words you speak, even those made in jest begin to materialize. You should start now, be intentional in word and action.

Music and other audio treatments are so very effective and that’s why you must be mindful about what you allow to repeat in your presence. If you like aggressive music, use it to work out or go on a run. If you like sad love songs, take it out to karaoke night and belt it out. But please please please stop sitting around drunk singing songs to remember your ex, wondering why shit didn’t work out. It such a sad waste of the magnificence that you are.

We talk about this on a series I did with Rev. Valerie Love earlier this year. Although we joke a little, it’s a spiritually heavy topic. Some of the music out here is just bad for the soul:

Bring your energy level, emotional state and mental atmosphere into alignment with the truth. You are in a rich abundant Universe. There’s no deserving, no competition and no need to be jealous or envious of anyone else’s stuff. Develop all of your God-given talents and release the need to be governed by World Thought.

Wishing you the best love that life can bring you! Receive, be grateful and return all demonstrations of love, affection, sweetness and caring if you want love to blossom in your life! Stay blessed!