Prayer Changes Things

breakdownPrayer is a force, and in the heart, mind and mouth of one who believes, it can affect change on a grand scale. I’ve known just a few people who were able to pray so powerfully that it brought tears to my eyes. Generally it was during times of great emotion or passion. That’s why I’m taking this time to write this today. This time of year can be so emotional for many of us. Some have no family, so they’re dealing with the loss of connection and warmth of being apart of something bigger than themselves. And some have dysfunctional families where it’s a struggle to spend time with people you love, but don’t particularly like. At times like these, it’s tempting to pray or ask for a change in circumstances.

I wont ever tell you that you shouldn’t pray for what your heart desires, but I will say that when you make a sincere prayer, it is heard. The answer maybe yes, or no or not now ~ but it is heard. Often the not now is the part we have the most trouble dealing with. Generally our prayers aren’t answered right away because there’s some work that needs to be done in us.

I’ve said this in my workshop “What’s Blocking You?”, if you aren’t in a situation that you find ideal, it’s because you need to change your point of attraction. This can be a very confronting process for many of us. We aren’t in this undesirable space because it’s totally someone else’s fault. Now there are people and places that are toxic and we shouldn’t feel obligated to stay around them, but most of the time, we have an active part in that drama.

That means, when we pray for a breakthrough, in just about anything, there are some mental or emotional blocks that need to come crumbling down. You have to let go of how you think or feel things should be and open up to the possibility that you could be wrong. The more headstrong you are, the more difficult it will be for you to part with your old ways.

When we pray for change, and then fight against that change, it can be very painful. When we’re in this mode, what we’re actually saying is, “I want change, but I only want it on my terms.” Like, we want everything and everyone around us to conform to our way of doing things, but we don’t want to take responsibility for the part we play in the equation.

There are people who give up on the process and go back to business as usual, I did. And I wish I would have stuck it out those many years ago. I got scared, I was arrogant, I though I knew better and I was self-righteous; blaming everyone else for things that were only within my control to change. I feel I could have been a little further on down the road by now. But you live and learn and I’m grateful for the journey.

So I just wanted to share with you that praying for a breakthrough may mean that your life gets flipped turned upside down. You may lose relationships, your friendships may change you may even lose your job because where you’re going isn’t in alignment with those former things. You may be lonely for a time, confused and you may feel like you’re losing your mind. There are no easy answers, only that its is part of the process. But if you can endure the process, you’ll reap the righteous fruits of your hard work and determination.

Be blessed y’all! And if you find that the situation you’re in is more than you can stand, it’s time to reach out to a spiritual counselor, a therapist or a trusted friend to help you make sense of what’s going on. Don’t walk this thing alone if you don’t have too ~ and don’t drag people who aren’t sympathetic to you into it either. It’s good and healthy to have an objective third-party to vent to. Someone who has no investment in your decisions can help you get clarity and perspective so you can make the right choices for you.

God bless!