Five Of Coins – Tarot Tuesday


Five Of Coins – Morgan Greer Tarot

“Living on a dream ain’t easy, but the closer the knit, the tighter the fit. And the chills stay away, cause we take ’em in stride for family pride. You know that faith is in your foundation with a whole lot of love and a warm conversation but don’t forget to pray, just makin’ it strong where you belong.”

It looks like you’re going through some tough times. Whether emotional or financial, things don’t look too swell. The cards do offer a small window of hope. You’ll soon find relief, perhaps a helping hand or comforting message from someone who has faced a similar experience. This will be quite helpful for you, because things may be this way for quite some time. However, the promise in this challenge is that if you see it through, you’ll come out “richer” on the other side ~ richer in faith, family, friends, or finances, possibly all of the above! Hang in there <3

Image: Morgan Greer Tarot
Lyrics: Love Of The Common People, Paul Young